Top 5 Reasons to Use a Personalized Rug in 2020

With the rise of the digitalization age and consumerism, the desire for interior customization has never been greater.

As a modern-day consumer, you would want to redefine your style, persona rather than being confined within the conventional boundary. Things are no different for the rug industry as well. Traditionally limited with fewer choices from retailers, consumers today strive to look for alternative ways to manifest their originality in the home décor.

One of the biggest struggles of any home decorator is the fear of being generic or cliche in either design or feel of a space. Oftentimes, you purchase items that are not necessarily best for their space, but because they seem quick at the time, or purportedly “in-style”. This is the farthest from the truth. Taking your time and picking out a rug that is worth looking at daily is by far the most important decision you’ll make, and one that you absolutely won’t regret.

Today, we’re going to break down the top 5 reasons why you should choose a custom-made rug in 2020.

1.) You are One of a Kind!

While this may seem obvious, the fact that a personalized rug is completely designed to your liking is an extremely important part of what makes them so special. They are always woven into a complete, one-of-a-kind design. This is because the details always matter. When custom options are used for ordering rugs of this nature, they can be completely custom-sized, colored, and optimized to your liking. Rugs like ours that are hand-knotted and made from only the finest materials are made to satisfy your exact, individual needs.

2.) Optimized for Your Home

Simply put, your home is your castle. Every homeowner works hard for their income and wants to make their living space as comfortable, and optically pleasing as possible. That’s where your ingenuity comes in. Looking for something that blends in without being the focal point? Perhaps order a neutral-colored rug that matches seamlessly with its surroundings. Want a rug that pops with a stark contrast to the artwork around it? Perhaps get a style that has a drastically different hue/opacity. It’s all about putting the paintbrush in your hands, to give your home whatever special look you desire!

3. Wider Pallette

One of the most wonderful things about having rug design at your fingertips is the massive array of colors and themes you get to choose from. This is a SIGNIFICANTLY wider group of options, a myriad of color choices to suit your every need. This sort of layout inspires much greater customization for whatever type of design you could possibly want. The Rug Important specializes in a huge variety of different designs such as: traditional, transitional, modern, Moroccan, and kilims.

4. Quality Material

One of the biggest problems with mass-produced rugs is that they are never made with the love, or quality of craft, that a homemade one is. With custom made rugs, you can be assured that highest-quality materials are used right from the raw materials to the final design and production.

5. They Make a Prized Possession

The final thing that comes to mind about customizable rugs is what a wonderful possession they make in the long term. Since these items are custom ordered, custom made and sewn entirely to your liking, they are something you should value for the long run. The type of personal appeal present in this product is one that will last a lifetime.

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